Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chef Shu-Yin for 9 Days

Dad & Mum & Ah Yee was away from home for 9 days. They went back to kampung in Fuzhou, China. So what does that mean? It means that there will be no one to cook meals for us.

So I am the chef for 9 days.

So what did I cook? Well, I cooked almost every day. I cooked.....


Pork Herbal Soup

Chicken Dishes

Roasted Butter Chicken Drumsticks, Oven Baked Honey Chicken Drumsticks, Mandarin Orange Chicken

Pork Dish
Plum Sauce Pork

Beef Dish

Marinated Stir Fry Beef

Tofu & Egg Dish

Japanese Tofu with Black Beans and Chili Sauce, Omelette with Onions

Vege Dishes

Brocolli, Cauliflower, Pea Sprouts, Kailan, Brocolli

I made breakfast / brunch

Omelette, Black Pepper Fish Fillet, Creamy Carbonara, Rosti with Sausages

Fruits / Salads
Mixed Fruit Salas, Fruits


Koonyaku Jelly, Guai Leng Gou, Longan Muffins with Hot Syrup

A rather good mixture of dishes, don't you all think so?

I am rather proud of myself.
At least I don't starve myself and hubby and sis!


Ely Leong said...

i'm so proud of you mummy....i wish i can be like you!

tanshuyin said...

elly.....can...if u REALLY want to. slowly...make plans and be a homemaker like me...
but i warn u...sometimes it will drive u crazy too ;P

Anonymous said...

u r making me hungry with all the dishes. can u teach me how do u cook that plum sauce pork.

tanshuyin said...

anonymous...hie....u r? ;)