Friday, August 2, 2019

Review: Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Boat and Sea Set

27 July 2019 - Vern @ 4yo

I cut down on product reviews a lot.
Main reason is that I just don't have the time to blog about it. #stilllotsofbacklogblogposts
But then I was pretty happy when the agency representative of Thomas & Friends™ in Malaysia contacted me to do a review.
Why? Because all 3 kids of mine are big fans of Thomas & Friends™!


I received the Thomas & Friends™ Trackmaster™ Boat & Sea Set sometime in a big and sturdy brown box.

Upon opening it, the whole box set was inside.
I'm glad they used the brown box to cushion it during delivery so the whole original box was in pristine condition.

This is the front and back of how the Thomas & Friends™ Trackmaster™ Boat & Sea Set looks like.
The front has clear images and words of the name of the set.
It also states that it is a motirized action set.

Behind it shows the already assembled set, together with a kid, so parents can roughly gauge the size of the set.

The highlight of the set, which is Thomas the Tank Engine and the rolling boat is strapped firmly on the corner of the set so the kid kinda get to have a peek on what it is. 

As my 3+yo Vern was turning 4yo soon on the 14th July, I kept the set hidden and only gave it to him on his birthday as his birthday present. :)
This is him with his 4 birthday presents together with his Thomas & Friends™ Trackmaster™ Boat & Sea Set!


As I mentioned, all my 3 kids are fans of Thomas & Friends™ and so all 3 were also excited to help their brother to fix the set.

I like how everytime we fix a Thomas & Friends™ railway set, my kids get to learn a lot from it.
They would read the instructions together and try to fix it up together.

Watch how the big brother Shern let his small brother Vern to help to fix the tracks.

And look at how all three of them were grinning happily when they managed to get it right!

And this is how the whole thing looks like when it is all done.

The star of the set, Thomas the Tank Engine on the Rolling Boat.


First let me tell you all what is this set all about.
This Boat and Sea set is a unique concept launched by Fisher-Price based on this new sea theme. 
This set consists of a motorized Thomas the Tank Engine, a Rolling Boat, "Water Tracks" to be used by the boat, and the usual railway tracks and two docks.

What I like is that the Rolling Boat is powered to sail from one dock to the next dock. And like how the original ship sails in the ocean, this Rolling Boat also runs on the to and fro concept. 

During play, my kids experience how Thomas the Tank Engine will move from its railway tracks on land onto the floor of the ship and help the Rolling Boat to power to sail across the oceans to different places.

Look at the short clip on how it works. 
Love how happy Vern was and how in awe he was with it!

After awhile, Shern and Khye who is 10yo and almost 7yo got bored with it. They only got excited while helping to fix the set.
So I guess this set is more suitable for younger kids from probably 3-6+yo.

But Vern on the other hand was fixated with it for quite some time. 
He did not get bored watching the train goes round and round.
I guess he did not get bored because he had a play in it as he needs to transfer the Rolling Boat from one dock to the other.

But me on the other hand prefers to buy my kids non-motorized toys. Because I want them to roll the trains on the tracks themselves to improve their motor skills and to let their imagination runs wild while making up stories as they play.

But maybe because I don't buy them motorized toys, Vern is very fascinated with it and was exclaiming " he watches the train goes round the tracks and onto the boat and the water tracks! :)

See how Vern is still playing with all his Thomas & Friends™ sets!
He already has the Thomas & Friends™ Take-n-Play Tidmouth Shet Set, the Take-n-Play Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, the Take-n-Play Rescue From Misty Island Set passed me down from his brothers.
And now he has the TrackMaster™ Boat and Sea Set to add on to his Thomas & Friends™ sets!


Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Boat and Sea Set can be found in all major malls and Toys 'R' Us nationwide.
For more information, please view 

* Disclosure: I received the Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Boat and Sea Set mentioned above for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).