Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Nonya Gem - Victoria Green Corner Cafe

Shern & Khye @ Victoria Green Corner - 27 June 2017

So for our Penang Cafe Hunting for this Raya hols, we found this little gem cafe - Victoria Green Corner. The place is rather ubiquitous as there is no obvious signage at the entrance. But there were beautiful deco quirks at the entrance.
See, no signage. 

This is at the side of the entrance. Love all these greens. 

Inside was quirkily decorated and very nice.
Victoria Green Corner is a house turned cafe and I heard that it is run by the family.  
The whole place and its food is nyonya-inspired. I like the space and also how bright the place is. I don't like dimly lit cafes, especially when I have young kids with me.

Not many photos of little Vern because he was in a bad mood after crying all the way from Tanjung Bungah to there. Usually he's ok now in his car seat but then he was making a fuss and said he wanted "carry and nen-nen" which I didn't give in, so he wailed the car down. I still didn't give in, thus the bad mood. lol.

The paintings and random stuff on the mantelpiece adds to its quirkiness.

After the drinks arrived (Add rm1 to your set meal for the Roselle drink, he was happy again and was all smiles for my camera!
I captured him with the deco behind him. So pretty right?


While waiting for the food, Khye wrote and drew while Shern folded paper planes.

Look at the "story book" Khye wrote/drew of his family. 
So now I know daddy loves them but mummy buys everything. Hmmmm.....hahaha

 The author and illustrator of his book. :)

And now for the highlight of this place. The food.
Very reasonably priced. The curry chicken + mantou was RM10.
The rest of the food we ordered the set I think around RM20 but very big portion, and it came with soup and dessert (mini pau).

The Pork Vinegar was delicious!!!!
My kids loved the Sweet and Sour Pork and also the Honey Glazed Pork! And they loved the fried egg on top of all the rice dishes.

We are a big eater and even then we couldn't finish all these. And when the dessert of mini paus came, we surrendered and tapau that home!

I heard that the laksa there is very good. We didn't order because the kids can't eat that. Will keep it for the next time we go back!

On the way home, all kids konked off in their carseats. And yes, Vern no more made noise this time when put into his seat. :)
Have a happy Tuesday!

Victoria Green Corner
Address: 43, Jalan Padang Victoria, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.
Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm. Closed on Mondays

Cuti-Cuti Penang: Mini Petting Zoo - Audi Dream Farm @ Balik Pulau

Audi Dream Farm @ Balik Pulau - 25 June 2017

This is Day 2 of our Cuti-cuti Penang this Raya holiday (Click here to view Day 1: Great British Circus Show). 
And Day 2 itinerary was to visit the Audi Dream Farm in Balik Pulau. 

Since we are living in Tanjung Bungah, Waze said it would take us about 1 hour to get there. So we woke up really early on Sunday morning and we left house at 8.20am.
(it was no easy feat getting all 3 kids to be up and ready so early in the morning!)

Went for McD Drive Thru and ate breakfast in the car. Reached Audi Dream Farm at about 9.30am! Hurrah!
The air was still crisp and cool and there was not many people in sight!
Entrance fee was RM7 for both adults and children for Malaysians. 
But that basket of animal food costs us RM20! 

First stop was the deers but they were not very interested. We couldn't get them to come near the gate so we just watched from afar.

Next, was the rabbits. Oh, this my kids loved the rabbits. 
They couldn't stop feeding them.

There were also given the small pellets of rabbit food.
Khye kept feeding them by opening his palms and they were all so tame. Khye loved the rabbits and kept on stroking their fur while feeding them. 

Vern also loved the rabbits. He was not afraid and kept on chucking those vege into their mouth. Haha. 

And then we went to feed the birds.
It was the first time I'd seen such tame birds. 
The boys first laid down the bird food on the ground, slowly luring the birds down from up the tree branches. 

Then slowly the put the bird food on their palms and laid their open palms near the ground.
And these tame birds came hopping by.
Look at them tame birds eating out of their hands. My boys were ecstatic, needless to say!
It's not often they get birds eating out of their hands!
Really awesome experience!

Then we went to feed the fishes.
So many fishes in this pond.

Here's another fish pond with baby fishes. 

We then went to feed the horses, then the ponies.

Saw a young horse there snuggling up to its mum.

Also saw some llamas there, not sure if they are llamas or not though but they sure looked like llamas.
Khye tried feeding them some of the vege stalks and it ate it.
So are these llamas or not? 

Then we went to feed the goat.
We climbed up the stairs to the goats' barns and saw the old goats. 
Khye tried feeding them milk but they wouldn't drink it. Haha. So clever la.  

Then we went downstairs and saw these baby goats with the sign FEED MILK on its barns.
Ooohh...these are the baby goats/kids. 

Shern was taller so he fed the kids who were on the taller barn, because you needed to tilt the milk from higher so the milk could flow to the teat for them to suck. 

Khye is shorter so he fed those on the lower ground.

Look at the kids all clamouring all over the fence for the bottle of milk, So pitiful. 

Vern was rather of the commotion the goats make clamouring all over for the milk, so he hugged daddy tight. 

My boys with these baby goats/kids.

After that we fed the ducks. 
And oh my...there were both ducks and geese of all varieties there I think.
Loads of them. All quacking and making so much noises. Haha. 
Some were on the dry land and some in the water.

Happily feeding the ducks/geese.

Another shot of my boys with the ducks/geese.

Next was the chickens.
Saw a runaway chicken and Khye was not scared and fed it with open palm. This guy really good with animals.

We then went to search for the chicken coop. 
Saw it and Khye immediately went to stroke and pat the chickens, to my horror. I was afraid he kena pecked, but then the hens were quite gentle. I told him not to stroke the cock. haha.
Shern also followed suit. Vern stayed a safe distance away. :)

And then we walked around to admire the beautiful scenery of this working farm.
It made me feel like I am not in Penang.
No concrete building in sight. So nice.

Look at the vege patch. 

 Took some photos of my kids.

One with mummy.

One with daddy. 

Water break as it was getting hot after walking for 2+ hours. 

Look at this. See how big and subur it is. I dunno what is that also actually.

And then we bought ice-creams for the kids to cool down.

When we were leaving after 2+ hours, we saw so many people there. 
And also the weather was getting hot then as it was near to noon.
We are so glad we woke up early and went there early to enjoy the cooler weather and avoid the crowd!

Overall, it was a really nice place to visit, especially if you have young kids or kids that love animals.
I love that this place provide my kids for close encounters, as they could touch and stroke and feed the animals to their hearts' content.
I also love that it is a working farm, and so you could see the people there working on the farm and as go along.

Let me end this post with my boys posing with the Audi Dream Farm sign and Vern holding that huge vege!

And yes, we will be back!

Audi Dream Farm
Opens daily, 8am -7.00pm
Contact : 012 4999099 

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I paid the entrance fees and animal food with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s)/service(s).