Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Expensive Meal In My Life

Hubby & I went down to KL for a few days a few weeks ago, and we dined in Shook! in Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. It was then that we were billed RM830.55 for a dinner meal for two! Shocking, huh?

Well, let me tell you what we ate.

We were served bread with some spices and olive oil upon seated. I took a bite and that was all.

9 January 2012

For Appetizers,
Hubby ordered Snow White Dancing Prawns, which are stir-fried prawns with hot mayonnaise sprinkled with honey-glazed walnuts. RM59.

It turned out ok as the big 5 prawns were really fresh and succulent, but nothing fancy. I mean, I've ate this kinda dish in Chinese restaurants everywhere. Not worth the RM59 to me.

As for me, I ordered Foie Gras. It was my first time tasted this exotic food of fatty goose liver. RM98.

It was pan fried and served with cheesy risotto and the sauce was really good. And as I have always loved liver, i liked the taste of the fatty liver which was cooked to perfection. Hubby didn't like it though as he don't fancy livers that much.

But as I went home and read that this exotic food comes about with animal cruelty (where geese and ducks are forced-fed to create an engorged liver), I don't think I can ever eat it again!

For Mains,
Hubby ordered the Thermidor Boston Lobster.
It was cooked in a creamy white cheese sauce, then baked to perfection and glazed with parmesan cheese. RM39 per 100g.
It was good. Both of us liked it.

As for me, I ordered another dish which I haven't eaten before in my whole life.
Master Grade Australian Wagyu.
Scoring AA8-9 Unique and a class of its own - indulgingly tender, juicy and well-marbled beef. It was served with Hoshimeiji and Enoki mushrooms, and complimented with sweet madeira glaze. Tenderloin - RM296 per 200g.

Well, someone told me before that wagyu beef was supposed to melt-in-your mouth and you wouldn't even know you are eating beef. Maybe that was the expectation I had before I ordered it. When it came and it wasn't like that, I was disappointed.
I mean, I still knew I was eating beef. And not all parts were melt-in-my-mouth. It was really tender but not melt-in-my-mouth type. So this super expensive main was a disappointment for me.

We were both so full after the appetizers and mains that we needed to have a rest before dessert. Lighting was a bit out because we were dining in a dimly lit restaurant. My dress was actually Christmassy green, but it turned out to be blueish-green here.

As for Dessert,
we decided to just share one order. And it was nice.

So this is the bill. Shockingly crazy, huh?

Well, if you know us well enough, you would definitely know that we would never fork out this money to eat like this. I find it very sinful.
Yes, this meal was FREE!

It's a free meal by YTL because during our Pangkor Laut Resort stay, some of our expectations were not met, so we were being offered a complimentary meal in Shook!

So Thank You YTL for being so generous and let me experience my first ever taste of Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef! ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Dot Inside The Waterbag - Week 5

I went back to Dr. Eric Soh because I feel comfy with him.

As I am only in my 5th week of pregnancy, we still could not hear baby's heartbeat. But we saw the water bag and a 'lil dot inside it, which is supposed to be 'lil bub.
As long as I don't hear 'lil bub's heartbeat, I don't feel safe, but Dr. Eric told us that the shape of the amniotic sac looks round and good.

This is the first ultrasound photo we've got of 'lil bub.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 2nd BIG FAT POSITIVE came though

We must be pretty lucky, or what. Because for the second time, we only needed to try for 1 month and I'm pregnant.

Yes, you heard me right.
My big fat positive came through.

17 January 2012

I just found out today using the home pregnancy kit. I was actually quite reluctant to test it because I was still recovering from my diarrhoea and vomiting. Morning sickness symptoms are only vomiting and nausea, I don't think they cover diarrhoea as well.
And also I just missed my period for a few days.

But still thinking twice, my period has always been very accurate. And I better go test it out before I keep on shoving raw salmon sushi into my stomach.

Found out at about 1.30pm. Not very surprised but reasonably happy. Hubby was ecstatic. I caught him chuckling to himself a few times today. Hehe.
Mum said 'I told you so' when he saw me vomiting. And Min said 'there goes your dieting plans!'.

Well, so now I am a pregnant lady!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I know I've been missing from the blogging world. Life has been pretty hectic and thus the blogging pause.
  • Just finished unpacking the big luggage that we lugged back for our South Africa trip.
  • Took a 4 days trip down to KL for training. And just finished unpacking for that too.
  • Was down with diarrhoea and vomiting and is on the bout of recovery. I am still too scared to fart because I may end up shitting in my pants.
  • Doing spring cleaning for CNY. I can't believe CNY is next Monday!
  • And I'm still yet to get my angpows ready. Still counting my money. :)
Sigh. But I think it's exciting. Shern's cousins will be back during CNY and he is finally big enough to actually play with them I hope!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting Up My Engines

The next step that I should do while I am trying to get pregnant is to eat healthy.

Day 1, failed. I ate instant noodles at 1am. Sigh. It's Ok, time to start again. haha. So I try to sleep earlier every night. Instead of the usual 2am, I try to sleep before midnight. This way, my tummy won't be growling for food.

This afternoon, I also went to Tesco and bought myself a box of the Anmum Materna milk powder. The plain flavoured was out of stock, so I grabbed the chocolate flavoured box. Haven't really tried the chocolate flavour before, but should taste ok since I am a chocolate lover, right? I haven't started drinking yet. Will start tomorrow.

And I did read up that it will also be good to start myself on folic acid supplements. Will also buy some home pregnancy test kits on my next visit to the pharmacy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Signal Hill, Cape Town - 28 November 2011

After Rhodes Memorial, we drove up to Signal Hill.

Signal Hill
aka Lion's Rump, is a landmark flat-topped hill located in Cape Town, next to Lion's Head and Table Mountain.

Photo source: Wikipedia

It was about noon when we reached there. We quickly found a shady spot underneath a tree and decided to just picnic there.
We brought our lunch and just sat there chilling out.

The view from where we sat was beautiful. In front of us is the blue sea, and behind us was the view of the Table Mountain and Lion's Head.

This is the view of the blue, blue sea.

And behind us, the Table Mountain and the Lion's Head.

Shern had fallen asleep in the car on the way here. So he continued to sleep in his stroller when we reached there. Peace and quiet. :)

Meanwhile, we took some photos of ourselves amidst the beautiful backdrop.

After an hour or so, Shern woke up.
He asked for food when he saw our picnic basket.
So after bread and some yogurt, he was all energized.

Look at his happy and contented face after a good nap and food.

He then walked and ran about and was doing his funny antics.

He saw the bricks on the floor and as usual imagined that he was walking on 'railway tracks'.

My fatty baby was munching on biscuits. Look at his big stomach.

Better view of his stomach here :P

It was also here in Signal Hill that I captured Shern's cute expressions that I blogged about a week ago!

Pho-pho, Kong-kong & Yee-pho was chilling under the shade all the time.
If you noticed, they were wearing light sweaters. Even though the sun was harsh, but when the wind blew, it was cold.

Then we all had ice-creams. The rum & raisin flavour was good.

Shern was of course very happy. He never said no to ice-cream.

After that, it was bubble time. I took out a bottle of the soapy bubble mixture and he had some fun blowing and catching bubbles. Actually, it was me doing the blowing, and him doing the catching.

Yes, we had fun.
That's what I like our trip. Taking our own sweet time, just chilling out in a beautiful place.

On our way down in the car, we saw this beautiful scenery. Cape Town is lovely, huh?

p/s - To read more about our trip to Cape Town, South Africa, pls click here.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Is It Time Yet?

This is the first post I'm writing towards our try for Baby#2.

We've always wanted more than one baby. How many exactly, we can't decide on (I want 3, but hubby wants 5!), but we definitely know that we wanted more than one.

It isn't easy taking care of a baby. I mean, pregnancy is all good, minus the initial morning sickness. Taking care of a baby is the difficult part. Yiu-Shern is currently 2 1/2yo and he is definitely big enough to be a big brother.

People always advised me to have a small gap between my kids, but to me, it is easier said than done. Taking care of Shern for the past 2 1/2 years has been exhausting and exhilarating and I need time to breathe. Time to have some me-time and my boobs need a rest too.

So here am I, all ready to try for Baby#2.
We're officially started trying this month. January 2012.
I know we won't be as lucky as the previous time, but we hope it won't be long until I conceive.