Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shern Survived on Breastmilk and Bananas

During the 3 days hospital stay, Shern refused all food. He even refused breastmilk from the bottle. He just wants my breasts. Sigh.

But luckily I asked mum to buy some bananas for him and he ate mashed fresh bananas twice a day. And coupled with my breastmilk for him, he still did ok.

And that is how he lost some weight. Imagine, only bananas and breastmilk!

Now that he is back to his usual self, he is now gobbling up oats with fruit purees for breakfast, porridge with fish or meat juice for lunch and some pureed vege for lunch and dinner.
For break time, he sometimes gets some yoghurt or some biscuit cereal AND not to forget his usual breastmilk for early breakfast and dinner and some throughout the day.

I guess with such a big appetite, Shern is back! :D


mELbiEpiE said...

Yay...that's definitely good news~!!!!! :) Shern really does have good appetite, compared to my nephew - on top of his milk, he only wants to eat plain rice (without dishes) and that's it....:S

tanshuyin said...

ur nephew is bigger dee ma...knows how to choose his food. shern still gong-gong...eats everything i give him FOR NOW :)