Monday, May 3, 2010

Half A Thousand Ringgit...Or Maybe More


I spent at least half a thousand ringgit just on shopping this week. That is ~RM500. I think hubby must be thinking that his wife has gone crazy.

I mean, I am someone quite prudent when it comes to shopping, especially shopping for myself. But I tell myself that I am in dire need of clothes. All my clothes before pregnancy are way too small, and my after-pregnancy clothes are way too frumpy, if there is such a word. I need clothes that fit me just right for my new body.

So how is my new body? I gained 2kg after giving birth to Shern. I don't think that 2kg is going anywhere. I have to learn to live with that extra 2kg of fats. My hips are bigger..ahem...curvier now and I think I've got bigger boobs, which I'm sure will shrink right away when I stop breastfeeding. And my tummy is no longer flat. I have got tummy bulges now. Sigh.

Anyway, like I said, I am in dire need of clothes which will make my new body feel great again...hiding those fats and bulges. *Grin

So what did I buy with half a thousand ringgit?
I bought myself 2 dress, 4 tops, 2 pants, 2 jeans and a pair of shoes. Not bad huh? 11 items for ~RM500. I got myself Voir, United Colors of Benetton, Vincci, British India, etc. Bargains everywhere!

I am feeling great even after spending half a thousand ringgit...or didn't I spent more?
Let's wait for next month's credit card bill.


Giap Seng said...

If my wife spend RM500 on her clothes, I will feel bad.

If my wife spend RM700 on the credit card (RM500 for her clothes), and (RM200 buying clothes for me), then I feel not that bad.

Try it, Peter may encourage you to buy more next trip. :-)

Kidding lah, I know you will not overspend.

Giap Seng

tanshuyin said...

haha. actually bought 1 jeans for peter. rm60 only for united colors of benetton brand.

and i THINK i spent more than rm500. hahaha...

Catherine said...

hey where's ur topshop bag? :P
btw you asked me whether there's discount with the card rite..there is - 10% :)

Shurainian said...

i think it's money well spent! when u look and feel good, u also feel happier and more loving right? so peter actually benefits from it! tell him!

Huey said...

Did your foot become fatter also after giving birth?

tanshuyin said...

MY...haha. bought the topshop bag dee. and im now an owner of topshop membership card also ;)

wen..yalor. he shd feel proud coz his wife is prettier now with new clothes. hehe

chuey...yes. 1/2 a size to 1 size bigger lor after giving birth.