Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Khye Reciting His Alphabet Backwards Fluently @ 3 Yrs 11 Mths!

On our car ride home from Tesco, to keep the elder boys occupied, hubby said he would play with them a challenge game - see who can recite the alphabet backwards.

And to our surprise and amazement, Khye aced this challenge. 
On his first try, he was already better than both hubby & I. He didn't pause frequently like what we do.  
On his 2nd try, he could recite it almost smoothly.
And on his 3rd try, it seemed as easy to him as reciting the usual ABC! 😱

This little nerdy boy of mine loves the ABC, with him knowing his alphabet soon after he knows how to talk. He also requested for an Alphabet-themed birthday party last year, and him writing the ABC everywhere, even on his bandaged wrist when he was hospitalized last year.

This is a short clip of him reciting the alphabet backwards on his 3rd try, minutes after his first try!
So if he was singing a song, or reciting a poem! 

I can't gelp but to be very proud of this little nerdy boy of mine! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time to Get My Scrapbooking Mojo Back!

I was keeping the milestone layout that I made for Vern for his Koala birthday party into my scrapbooking folder, that I spent the next 15 minutes looking at the layouts that I'd made a few years back.
I'd stopped doing scrapbooking for a while, the last I made was a mini album of the 4 of us to Singapore, and also a small little gift to hubby for our 13 Years Anniversary.

But looking back on all my layouts I feel that I still love them though they are creation of years ago.

This is my most recent layout of Vern, which I made for his first birthday.


And this one's of my wedding dress.

One of hubby & me, on our wedding photo. 

This one's on my first pregnancy, when I was preggy with Shern. 

A cheeky take on my maternity photos of Shern. 

This is Shern, haha, Yes, he used to be so chubby and looked like a little gangster too. ;)

One on Shern on his short little hands. :)

This one's when Shern was 3yo.

Me @ 30yo, when I was 7 1/2 mths preggy with Khye. 

Little Khye at 12 days old. 

One more of me and Khye. 

And this is Khye with me and hubby at Starbucks. 

I thimk I need to make more layouts, especially for baby Vern. Poor baby only has 1 layout in his name. :P
It is getting more difficult to squeeze out time to do scrapbooking with 3 little boys in the house.

Ok, time to get my scrapbooking mojo back.

Cheers to all scrapbooking friends! Happy crafting!

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