Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shern On Coolababy During Day Time

I was initially reluctant to buy cloth diapers made from China. But the reviews I read online and from friends are pretty good, so I decided to give it a try some months back. Besides that, the price is attractive too.

I bought two Coolababy Pocket Diapers from for only RM25/pc, which is quite a good bargain I must say.

They have fleece lining and they come with two long microfiber insert. There are 3 snap settings to adjust the size and they have either a snap/velcro closure. I bought one of each to try.

After pre-washing them, I tried it on Shern for day time use.

My Review on Coolababy CDs:

>Fit - slightly bigger than Bum Genius but a tad smaller than Happy Heiny's.

>Sizing - normal 3 snap settings

>Inserts Absorbency - I use them as Daytime CDs and I find no leaks. Once or twice, I tried them a night (>10hrs) and they did just fine. But this may be because Shern is a breastfed baby and don't drink much at night. If your baby is on formula and drinks a lot at night, it may not last throughout the night.

>Drying Time - Half a day out in the sun. One whole day with partial sun exposure.

>Cute Factor - Only plain solid colours available at my time of purchase.

>Cost - Very cost effective. Only RM25/pc from

One thing though, the Coolababy CDs has no additional flap-in pockets like Bum Genius', thus the inserts quite often stick out and are out of place when Shern is wearing them. But so far, no leaks because the inserts are quite long and serve its purpose.

But overall, I am very pleased with these diapers. I have since bought several more and use it for Shern's daytime use.

Shern wearing Coolababy CD while having his afternoon nap - 30 January 2010

However, I've read reviews which says that these Coolababy diapers cannot last for the use of many babys. After one baby, its quality declined. But I am yet to experience this.

Anyway, I think they are good enough for me and Shern based on the fantastic price!


Shurainian said...

nice.. i think next time when i have a baby i must read all your posts again for the recommendations.. hehe

tanshuyin said...

haha. yesyes. but then maybe in the future more choices dee leh. my reviews will be out of date dee by then.