Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shern's Having a Haircut

8 November 2011

So this is my son, sitting quietly having a haircut yesterday morning.
It has been quite awhile since his last haircut. Was trying to delay it because we wanted to do it just before we whiz him off to South Africa, so that he will have nicely, neat hair on Wen's wedding day.

Actually, my son was sitting so quietly because if you noticed, he had chocolate smudge on his mouth. Yes, I bribed him with M&Ms!
And on his right hand is a sweet given to him by the lady who is cutting his hair.
So with a sweet and many M&Ms, he was busy chewing to give a howl! :)

This time around, we didn't have his hair shaved crew cut as always.
The hairdresser suggested that she would shave off the sides and trim the top and leave it to grow. She mentioned that the top hairs are still a little short, and once they are longer, it would be more tamed and droop down more, and not standing up like now. Yes, my son has spiky, hard hairs just like his dad!

In about 5 minutes, she was done. And Shern was happy to remove the white cloth, which was wrapping him. He started grinning.

And when I asked him to smile for the camera, this was what he gave me!
It made the people in the salon smile! ;)

He left the salon waving and saying "bye-bye. See you again!"

Ok, so I guess this is also a happy haircut like the previous one. Hopefully, all are happy haircut!

D Salon
Prima Tanjung, Jalan Fettes,
Tanjong Tokong, Penang


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