Monday, November 7, 2011

Logos Hope

22 September 2011 @ Logos Hope

We took Shern to see Logos Hope end of September, and it was his first time being inside a real ship.
It was a weekday and we parked further away at the huge carpark and then took a short walk to the pier.

On the way, took a photo with this Clock Tower, which also happens to be one of Penang's iconic landmark.

This is the entrance of the pier.

Walk further down and we could see the Logos Hope docking nearby.

Shern stood there watching the ship in awe and telling me "mummy, ship soooo big!"

The place was not as crowded as the initial days when Logos Hope landed into Penang Pier. And maybe also due to it being a weekday.
So we walked leisurely towards the ship.

Hubby was walking ahead with Shern.

Shern saw the yellow and black line on the floor and walked along it, telling me it is a railway track. Haha. Everything looks like a railway track to him.

Shern also took a moment to gazed onto the big ship he was about to enter. It must look like a giant ship to him!

Shern then started running and skipping in glee!

He had fun walking up the passageway..

and jumping down while holding dadd's hand. Little things like that makes him happy.

After paying RM1/adult, we reached the bottom of the ship. We then needed to climbed up the 'aluminium staircase' to reach up. It was real slippery to me.
So hubby carried Shern up.

Too bad this photo turned out blur. But Shern was happily sitting on the 'lifeboat' while listening to the short introduction of Logos Hope.

After a while, Shern got up and started exploring the stuff nearby. Shern was trying to steer the ship. ;)

Shern posing in front of a mini gallery of Logos Hope.

Then we walked into the books section. I quickly took him to the other end, where all the children's books are. And Shern was happy seeing all the books there.

He promptly sat down and look at books.

He was happy to have found some books of Thomas & Friends, and Cars.

Then he started saying "mummy, please read book".
So I also sat down with him and was browsing and reading books to him.

But then thing is, Shern couldn't help expressing himself too. He was talking loudly to me, saying,
"mummy, this is a train, with windows. Big train has got wheels"
"mummy, buy train long-long"
And he was loud! Haha.

He especially loved this book which was all about the different kinds of trains!

We ended up buying nothing. Shern didn't mind. He is used to just seeing and saying byebye to books and toys.

As you exit the book section, we saw this captain cardboard and Shern poked his head out to become Captain Lim! ;)

Near the cafeteria, there is this small section for kids. And we saw some toys there. So we let Shern played there for awhile.

He got to draw...

Then played with this small wooden loopy toy which he loves.

Then he saw this huge wooden loopy toy and his eyes lighted up!!!
So he played with that one for quite some time.

Then he saw this and did some counting...

Then he sorted out shapes into this toy house.

Shern was enjoying himself there!

Hubby bought an orange juice but it turned out to be some yucky orange cordial, which tasted like medicine.
Shern seems to love it though.

After awhile, we left the place.

Walked down the slippery aluminum stairs again.

That was our whole troop - ;)

Ok, bye bye Logos Hope. 'Til next time!

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