Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Baby Toys - Natural & Organic Baby Products Store

I was in Hong Kong early this year when I received an email from the kind people at Baby Toys if I were keen to review some natural and organic baby products.

So What and Who is Baby Toys?
Baby Toys is a natural and organic baby products store in Malaysia. Babytoys focus on providing products which are made from organic and biodegradable materials. As they like to say "Healthy Baby, Happy Family".
Their vision is to see babies in the Asia Pacific region excited about growing up healthy with natural and organic products. And their mission is to provide products and toys that are safe for babies from 0+.


It wasn't long until they sent me a package which revealed these 2 items inside.
Each of these were individually wrapped in a plastic bag to protect them from dust and minor scratches.
These plastic bags also came with suffocation hazard warning in different languages, which asked the adult to throw the plastic bags straight away for fear of child suffocation.


First, let me talk about this BabyBuds Plush Buddy-Monkey.

This little buddy came with a kraft tag tied around its neck.
It read 'Made with love, using organic and biodegradable materials'.
There is also the brand cloth tag 'babybuds' at the side of this plush monkey's body.

I cut out the tag and this is what I see - a cute little plush monkey.
This is the front, and the back of the plush buddy.
The little jagged sewing on the front of its tummy is actually textured like a real sewing.

 And if you look properly, both of its hands and legs were in knots.

I like its knotted hands and legs as it gives Khye different textures to feel

This plush monkey buddy is suitable for babies from birth, which means basically suitable for anyone of any age.
It is actually made using naturally sustainable eco-friendly fabrics, organic cotton & natural silks. This plush buddy is filled with biodegradable corn fiber.
It is free from harmful materials & chemicals, which can put any parents at ease knowing that their babies are safe.

Khye has taken a liking to it the first time he laid his eyes on this BabyBuds Plush Buddy. We call him the Monkey. 

Look at how he hugged his Monkey, so lovingly.
I also liked that how it is just the correct size for a toddler like Khye.
It looks just so right in Khye's hands!

The actual product dimension though is this if you are interested to know.
Width = 13 cm, Height = 30 cm

Monkey also accompanies Khye at play. He would bring it downstairs and sometimes wheel it in his play stroller toy. 

And certain nights when the mood strikes, he would choose Monkey to sleep with him.


And this is the BabyBuds Blankie Buddy-Owl.

In the middle of it is this cute plush owl head.

And just like the Plush Monkey, this Owl Blankie has a kraft paper label too attached to the owl. And it also has the cloth label which reads babybuds on the side of the blankie. 

Upon removing the kraft paper label, the blankie looks like this.

This owl blankie also has knots, with 4 knots at each ends.

And it also has this sewn on texture on one side of the blankie. This encourages little ones to explore different texture.

And the best part is that on the other side of the blankie is white in colour and it is of a soft material too, almost mink-like material, and is very gentle on baby's skin.

Even Shern the big brother has taken a liking to this Owl Blankie. 
Look at Shern playing with it, posing with the Owl Blankie on his head and tummy!

And little Shern being a copy cat also follows his brother and had fun balancing the Owl Blankie on top of his head while laughing when he sees the owl plushie standing up on his head when standing in front of the mirror.

Khye sometimes brings the Owl Blankie with him too during bedtime stories.

Shern is like me, like to touch the ends of a pillow or some sort. Well, this Owl Blankie does the trick and he finds comfort in touching the knot.

Khye too finds comfort in touching the knot when he sleeps. 

The one thing I don't quite like is that these two can only be surface wash only for cleaning, and cannot be dumped into the washing machine. 

And lastly a photo of my kids with their daddy, with both of them hugging the Plush Monkey and Owl Blankie! 


Please visit their website to purchase.
For more info, you can view their Facebook Page

* Disclosure: I received a Plush Monkey and Owl Blankie for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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