Thursday, June 18, 2009

From Lim U-Shern to Lim Yiu-Shern

The stupid government new ruling now does not allow single alphabet names to be registered. So I cannot name my little angel U-Shern, because 'U' is unacceptable in their new guideline.

What kind of stupid ruling is that, right? Actually it is because they wanted to eliminate those people who uses single alphabet as short forms. Such as S. Jayakaran or K.Mohamed.

We told them that 'U' is not a short form and is a pronunciation but they also refuse to budge from the new guideline. :(

So now if I want to maintain his name as the same pronunciation, I need to change the spelling.

So Lim U-Shern is now Lim Yiu-Shern.


Mindy said...

Still sounds nice. :)

Are you still in confinement?

chiaoju said...

yay! :) yiu-shern! :)

are u throwing any one month 'mua guek' celebration?

tanshuyin said...

mindy...yeah...still sounds the same. juz that spelling not that unique dee lor. so sad. nvm la. no choice dee.

chiaoju...nah..dont think so. juz give out those fullmoon box with goodies. i will include in nice-nice food :)

Mindy said...

erm, I don't want the fullmoon box can ah? Yin How and I don't eat food there and it will usually stay in the fridge for a very long time, so better not waste it on me.

tanshuyin said...

mindy...u sure u dowan? inside got the nice tuna egg roll wan wor.

chiaoju said...

oh u not giving the typical nasi kunyit, curry chicken and red egg type stuff?

Soo Huey said...

hmm....... it is a very stupid ruling indeed.

actually could u have argued that "U-Shern" is one word, therefore it is not a single alphabet on its own?

"Yiu" is nice tho.. i prefer it over "eu" or "ewe" :)

tanshuyin said...

chiao giving those traditional stuff as well. i like to mantain some sort of tradition on such things ;)

shuey...we tried arguing dee. but they brought out a big guideline book which states no single letter allowed as part of a name.