Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Evolution of my Pregnant Belly

17 Nov 2008 / 25 Dec 2008

23 Jan 2009 / 14 Feb 2009

8 Mar 2009 / 11 Apr 2009

10 May 2009 / 27 May 2009

Look at the 'compounded' size of my belly.
Whoever says my belly is small and compact? It is so HUGE!


Mindy said...

Your belly looks big when seen sideways. But when I look at you from the front, it doesn't look as huge. Cos your overall body is still thin for a 9 month expecting mother.

Catherine said...

yalo...dun have to worry abt post-pregnancy fat to shed :D

Soma said...

Your belly looks huge from side view la. Hope u have a safe delivery of lil angle. Take care.

tanshuyin said... is indeed huge wan my belly. i've been lugging such a huge watermelon for the last few weeks...really chuan and my back hurts.
mebbe it looks small from front view coz most of my 'borrowed' clothes are black (black makes u look thinner rite?)

MY...hope so la. i think the flabbiness will still be there...BAH!

soma...thanks a lot! ;)

Mun Yi said...

Happy delivery. :)

tanshuyin said...

munyi...thanks a lot. pray for me too for natural delivery ok?

swei said...

good luck shu..have a safe delivery! we'll have sashimi after tat..ha!

blubbieMs said...

Have a good, fun-filled, memorable safe delivery Shu Yin! Can't wait for you to start blogging about your newest crying, wriggly, feisty little angel soon!

tanshuyin said...

Emily...guess i wont have much time to blog. Maybe once a week for an update! Now very bz and tired most of the time.

Havnent been blog visiting fren's blogs as time! sigh.