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Glamping With Kids: Lost World of Tambun @ Ipoh

Camping @ Lost World of Tambun - 6-7 Jan 2018

So last weekend, I took my kids for glamping @ Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) in Ipoh.

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping!

We were initially apprehensive if we should go on with our Glamping plans as just on Friday, a few places in Penang was flooded as it rained for like 12hrs+.
But I've already postponed this trip twice, and I dared not postpone again.
So we decided to just go and try our luck!

So, Hubby & I took Shern & Khye for a 2 hour ride to Ipoh. My sis, Min tagged along too.
I left Vern to my parents as he is a bit too young for all the water slides. If he had went, guess who would'nt get to play? "_"
So thanks to my parents & ah-yee taking care of Vern for the weekend.

Reached LWOT at about 10.15am.
Took a happy photo with these macho guys at the entrance. (Erm, not all are macho. The one next to me has like 6 packs though!)
Us with the Macho Guys

Then we saw this ghostly woman in costume and I asked if they would like to take a photo with her too. Surprisingly, Khye also said yes. And look at his wide smile.
I guess my Khye is a baby no more.  
Shern & Khye with the Eerie lady

We didn't know where to check-in. Went to the Theme Park entrance to ask, then they pointed us to the Hotel to register. The hotel is opposite the road of the Theme Park.  On the way there, saw a buggy driver and he told us checking-in is at the Theme Park entrance.

Went back there and the person at the counter said we have to check-in at the hotel first. No choice but to walk back there again. Upon reaching the hotel, saw the driver and he told us we must register at the Theme Park. I told him we've been going to and fro several times already.
In the end he drove us there and accompanied us for the check-in and registration.

Not a very good start to our day.
But after 15 mins, we got our wrist band tickets and breakfast voucher and everything.
The buggy driver drove us to our campsite which is located in the Theme Park itself.
Us in the Buggy Ride

That's the buggy bringing us to our campsite. 

Upon reaching the campsite, I quickly calmed down as I love how serene the place was.
The campsite is in Adventure Park, just next to the Zip Line activity.

There are 5 campsites just next to each other along one bank of the lake.
And another one near to the toilet.
And lastly another floating tent on the lake itself. (Will never choose this one! I will sure vomit in there lol)
The Floating Campsite

Campsite#4 and #5 were already taken. But the rest, we got to pick since we arrived so early.
We chose Campsite#3, which was more shaded by the trees.
I figured out we needed the shade in case it got too hot. And also needed the shade if it rained too heavily! "_"

This is how our tent/campsite looked like from the side view. 
Look how shaded it was. 
Love the wooden table and bench provided outside our tent. 

Now let's look inside.
Our tent was long in shape.
At one end was the queen sized bed, where hubby & I slept.
At the other end opposite us were the kids' beds.
And there was a small table/drawer in the middle with 2 fans plugged in.
There was even a full length mirror with some hangers behind, and a small close-lid rubbish bin there.

4 mineral water bottles were provided (you can ask for more if not enough).
They also provided for us shampoo, body gel and body lotions.
There was also a towel each.
And most importantly of all, there was a power socket for us to charge our phones!

TIP: Bring a 3-way electric socket so that you can charge more than 1 devices at the same time!

They also provide you a padlock with 2 keys to lock up your tent.
But we brought our own coz ours is the lock with the numbers so easier as we don't have to keep the keys!!! :)

This is the view when peering out of our tent "door". So peaceful and nice.

There are kayaks which you can use it to kayak on the lake. Look at the life jackets hanging there.

 Us standing next to our campsite.


So many people ask me, "how to go to toilet and shower ah?"
Do not fret.
There is a toilet/shower building just nearby there.
This is the building. Looking really good right?

This is the front view.
On the right is the Shower area divided into Male and Female.
Male and Female has 2 shower rooms each.

And on the left is the Toilet divided into Male and Female.
Male and Female also has 2 toilet rooms each.

In front of the Toilet is the open tap area. This is where you brush your teeth etc.
There is also a sink in the shower area where you can brush your teeth there too.

Oh ya, and the toilet is very, very clean. No smell.

And nearby our campsites is this common area where you can buy some drinks/snacks or just to chit chat and play some darts.
Hot water and Coffee is also provided there.
And this is the place where you can request for buggy rides to get to the entrance / breakfast place etc.

I was glad we went because the weather was nearly perfect.
First of all, we were glad it did not rain the whole day like the day before.
It was cloudy the day we arrived all the way until about 4+pm when it started to drizzle.

By that time, we finished all the Wet Park and everyone was already very tired.
Khye even slept on the Train Ride on the way back to campsite.
We rested awhile there where Khye took a 1-hour nap in the tent.

And then at about 6pm we came out again to have some dinner at the food court and then off we went for the Night Hot Sprint Spa. (will blog more about it in the next blog post).

After that, we went back to our campsite to call it a day.
Everyone showered and brushed our teeth and we all slept at 10+pm!

We zipped up our tent all the way because we didn't want strangers peering into our tent while we were sleeping (just in case!).
But if you want, you can leave one zip open, it will be locked but with a mosquito netting while the air can blow in.

We turned on the fan and we still need the comforters provided.
So I should say it was a really cooling and pleasant night sleep in the tent.

Love again how we were surrounded by the limestone hills and lotsa greeneries.

 Mirror-lake View :)

My kids enjoy their many buggy rides with the very nice uncle driver where they get to sit in front sometimes. :)

Taking photo with the nice Uncles before we checked out.
These guys take shifts and they are the ones taking care of us throughout our Glamping stay.
They are also the Buggy Drivers / Receptionist / Zip Line guides.
They are all very very nice people.

So besides the slight hiccup when we first arrived, it was an amazing stay.
We truly enjoyed our Glamping Stay there where we were so nicely taken care of.

So how much did we pay for it?
We took the Family Package for RM588!!!

Family Package - RM588
> Glamping 2 Days 1 Night for 2 Adults + 2 Kids
> 2 Days Day & Night Theme Park for 2 Adults + 2 Kids (inclusive of Wet Park, Dry Park, Night Hot Spring Park/Spa, Day & Night Petting Zoo)
> Buffet Breakfast for 2 Adults + 2 Kids

Add on - RM120 per adult including Extra Bed, Buffet Breakfast and 2 Days Theme Park.

It was soooooo worth it! Check out the entrance fee and you will see how worth it, it was!
And we had so much fun there!
I will blog more about our 2 days in the Lost World of Tambun in the next post....

p/s - I booked this last year.
It looks like price has been increased to RM788 now for Family Package. (So I paid RM588 only so I lagi feel is super worth it!)

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I booked the Family Package myself and paid with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s)/service(s).


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Can I know where u booked for family package?Agoda?thx

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Hie Meimei, i booked through their official website