Monday, November 13, 2017

Khye's First Piano Recital

12 September 2017 - Khye @ 5yo

Just like his brother, Khye also started piano lessons when he turned 4yo. He had been going for Yamaha classes since end of last year.

And after much delay and postponement, finally it was their mini piano recital/concert in September 2017, just 2 days before he turns 5yo. (Yes, I am 3 mths late in posting this!)

Khye had been waiting ages for it! He had been practising hard for it.
And so I'm going to jot this memory down, just like what I did for his brother 3 years ago.

And since I super love Shern's teacher, I got the same teacher for Khye as well. And I had been dutifully sitting in classes with Khye every week.
I enjoy the 1+ hr I get to be alone with Khye and fully concentrate just on him. Khye calls it "Mummy and Yiu-Khye's time"! Very precious indeed!

This is my 2nd round (my 3rd year) sitting in for Khye and I think I'm a little bit smarter nowadays although I have no music background myself.
I now know how to listen to chords, what are cadence etc. Haha.

But I must say his teacher makes learning sooooo fun.
Khye loves going to class, where he gets stickers for good behaviour and good playing. lol #gettingstickersishistoppriorityinlife

This mini recital was actually just for the kids to experience what was it like to be on stage.
The audience was just the parents and siblings of the kids performing. Not too big a crowd. Just nice.

My handsome cute little darling Khye, all dressed up for his recital.

This is a short clip of Khye's first ever piano recital, him playing 2 short songs - Hush A Bye and Jingle Bells.
He was a little nervous but I think he did great! We were mighty proud of him!
I love how he introduced himself. ;)

Look at him fully concentrating on his pieces.

This was when he was introducing himself to the audience. ;)

After that, it was party time!

The teacher, as usual, being a "big kid" came with balloons and gifts for the kids and stickers too of course!

Here are Khye's classmates, but I blurred their faces coz I think the parents won't be too happy if they see their kids' photos here without permission. 

And this is his teacher, who told me he is too shy to be on the internet. ;)

Thank you teacher for all your guidance and dedication to the kids.
I always believe that choosing the right teacher is so important!

It was a great night!
And well done, Khye! :)

Photo Credits: The clearer pics are taken by my friend Aaron.

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