Tuesday, January 31, 2017

35 and Feeling Fabulous

Turning 35yo - 29 Jan 2019

I turned 35yo on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.
I usually dislike having my birthday falls on Chinese New Year, because then everybody will be too busy to remember that it is my birthday.

But this year, hubby did give me a surprise by whisking me away from my kids for a few hours to enjoy my buffet birthday lunch!
Hubby did that too last year on my bday and I think he knew I would enjoy a few hours of 'freedom' without my kids.

Also thanks to my parents and ahyee for taking care of my boys for that few hours! I know it is not easy but you still do it! 😘😘😘#loveyouallmuchmuch

This time being the 2nd day of CNY, most restaurants were either closed or fully booked. But he managed to secure 2 seats for buffet at the Taste Cafe @ G Hotel.
Perfect venue coz not too far away from home, well, just in case my baby wails for me and I could be home in a jiffy!

When we reached there, hubby saw that there were no lobsters on the buffet line and so he voiced out his disappointment to the staff there. He told them how the person who took his booking told him that there would be slipper lobsters available, and so he was disappointed now that there was none.

The staff in charge then went to check with the chef and then told us that the chef would specially prepared some lobsters for us to enjoy to compensate us! We were happy that she took the extra mile to make us happy.

Buffet spread was reasonable.
There were even Yee Sang, as it was the CNY menu and which I assembled it myself. It was delicious. We are a lot of it with lotsa salmon.

These were what I ate. 

There were these cute CNY/rooster-themed chocolates on the dessert table. I couldn't help it but to take some (actually, quite a lot!) home for my kids! haha. #iamnotathiefijustlovechocs

And then about an hour later, she brought out 2 plates of grilled slipper lobsters for us. We were surprised the portion was soooo generous. 
To tell the truth, we did not expect so much!

But then both of us ate everything. It was fresh and warm and nice!
We felt so worth it the buffet, haha, with the lobsters and also the impeccable service given to us. 

And then when we felt that we couldn't eat anymore, the staff came out with this cake and sang me a birthday song! Hubby must have told them it was my birthday!
Actually I could just take a cake from the dessert table and treated that as my bday cake, but the staff was nice to put a message on the plate and such, and I noticed that the carrot cake was not from the dessert table! ;)

And so this was how we were super impressed with the service from Taste Cafe @ G Hotel. 
I was so happy and such a satisfied customer that I wrote a nice review for them in Tripadvisor and also sent them an email to tell them how the staff went an extra mile for us! #iamhappysoimakeothershappytoo 

 And about 3 hours later, I returned home to my boisterous boys.
They make me a birthday card and I got kisses for my birthday.

 We celebrated with a birthday cake Min bought, with the cards and the chocs I stole brought back! :P

Our family of 5!

With parents and ahyee and Min.
(Missing Wen and family again!)

With 4 kaufu and family as they were in mum's house too.

Singing of the birthday song....

And then after that, we took the boys down for a swim since the weather got warmer by yesterday.

I will end this birthday post with a couple pic.
Thanks hubby for everything.😘😍
Apparently, my pressie from hubby is still in the mail still awaiting delivery. haha

So I am now 35 years old and feeling fabulous with my life! #begratefulforeverything

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