Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy 34th Birthday Dearest Hubby!

So hubby turned 34 a few days ago.

We'd been pretty busy the past few weeks that I hadn't the time to plan his birthday. Ok, so maybe I was just being the bad wife. And also the fact that his interests are so limited that it is really difficult to get him anything.

Let me tell you what are the 3 things he likes:
1) Girls - obviously I can't get him more girls unless I give him a daughter. 
2) Books - and only financial books, which I think he has all the books there is already on our bookshelves. 
3) Babies and more babies - erm, ok we will negotiate more on this topic later.
And that's it.

Anyway, all I did was that I booked for a buffet dinner for our family of 4 at Spice Market @ Rasa Sayang. Oh ya, hubby likes food too, so I reckon a buffet is good (we seldom go for buffets) because he gets to choose what he wants to eat. The variety is there. 

And also he would be happiest being around his wifey (I certainly hope so!) and his 2 chubi-s sons. 

But to tell the truth, I think both kids are happier than the birthday boy.
Both were having fun exploring Rasa Sayang Resort the moment we reached. We had a stroll at the pool area and also walked near the beach.

They enjoyed watching tourists doing water activities.

And so here are some photos of our boys with the birthday boy.
I like Khye's round tummy here. :)


And a photo of our boys with mummy.
This is the buffet dress so that I can eat lots and lots and lots without popping a button. lol.

And when we walked into Spice Garden, Shern was ecstatic when he saw the chocolate fountain. Although he didn't like the marshmallows there. (too pampered with Huey & Wah's gourmet marshmallows!).
And he had a chocolate chip pancake topped with an ice-cream, and lots of sushi-s, and some satay-s, and also drank a small pot of black chicken herbal soup! I think he ate a lot for a 5-yr old. 

As for Khye, he ate 4 sticks of chicken satay-s, and some sushi-s.

Both were very well-behaved. After finishing their food, they did some drawings on the Boogie Board, and I also brought an activity book each for them with washable marker, so Shern had fun doing the activities while Khye just simple doodled on it.
Khye actually doodled out of page onto the glass table, so it was good that it was washable ink and I simply just wiped it off! If not I would have to buy them a new glass top table. :P

And after that, Khye sat quietly and played with some toy cars, and after that he even played with the sugar packs, taking them out one by one. Whatever, as long as he sat still and quiet. lol.

The birthday boy ate way more than supposed to, so all his hard work at the boot camp earlier in the morning was wasted. lol. 
I on the other hand was busy taking food for both kids and also myself. So I ate way less than usual when I am at a buffet. 

And then I cut a big slice of chocolate mousse cake from the desert table, and I whipped out a candle from home (I am clever like this haha!) and we sang the birthday song to hubby and blew the candle there and then. Everyone was staring because Shern sang way too loud. Haha.

Look at all three boys' happy faces!

And before we left at almost 9pm, the boys were still energetic (sugar high I suppose!) and was still chasing each other and had so much fun.

And Shern finally declared that he loved this hotel.
Little did he know that staying a night at the hotel would cost an arm and a leg. lol.
Well, both my kids sure know how to enjoy as they promptly plopped themselves on the comfy sofa in the lounge after a meal. :)

And hubby received a giant Iron Man wall sticker from my cousin. (both are superhero fans!) and it is now up on our wall.
Khye was quite scared of it initially, but later got over it. He even posed with it the next morning. :)

Anyway, hope the birthday boy had an enjoyable day.
Happy birthday Hubby!
We love you lots! 

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