Monday, June 6, 2011

Shern's CHOO CHOO 2nd B'day Cake

In just a blink of an eye (many blinks actually!), Shern turns two!
His actual birthday is today 6th June, but we threw a birthday party for him last Saturday.

Just like last year's cake, I wanted to personalized Shern's Birthday Cake.
I was still too chicken to bake the birthday cake, so I just ordered the plain lychee flan cake from Ritz. And then we decorated it ourselves, Shu-Min & I.

For this year's party, I chose the Train Theme. Shern loves trains. Actually, he loves all vehicles.
After 1 hour, this is what we came out with.

top view of the cake

*Chocolate Rocky sticks for railway track*
*Upside-down Rocky sticks for the fence*
*M&Ms for YIU-SHERN*
*A plastic tree and crossing for added effect*
*A Happy Birthday tag and a '2' candle*

Side view of the cake

*Oreos for the circle base at the sides of the cake*
*Alphabet biscuits for the words HAPPY BDAY*

And of course the stars of the cake and also my birthday present for Shern:
*Thomas the Tank Engine*
*James the Tank Engine*

Ok, some closed-up photos of the cake:

This is how the whole cake looks like.

Another awesome one-of-a-kind CHOO CHOO 2nd Birthday Cake for Shern!


WendyinKK said...

I really love the way you decorated the cake.
The oreo and biscuit sides are nice.
Happy Birthday Yiu Shern.
My baby boy is slightly less than 2 years younger than this big ko-ko

tanshuyin said...

Hie Wendy, thank you. U r too kind for your words. I wanted to give the cake a personal touch altho im not baking it myself. So i decided to decorate it like i did last year!

Hey, so ur son is almost the same age as mine, huh? Hehe. I just knew that!

Julia said...

It just felt like yesterday that you were blogging about his 1st birthday cake. Happy birthday Shern!

Elly said...

You are one artistic mother! Love the cake so much

Andrew Tan said...

eh why the cake look so familiar?

tanshuyin said...

Julia...yes, time flies. and soon ur#2 will be out to greet us! :)


Ndru..haha, somewhat similar to Shern's 1st year cake?

WendyinKK said...

No la, my son is just born last week, on June 1, so he's slightly less than 2 years younger than yours.
I'm in confinement now ler.

Unknown said...

shern is so blessed! jealous-nia... :D

tanshuyin said...

Wendy...oohhhh....newborn cuddly baby. So nice. Congrats! need jealous. Jealous apa? :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Happy belated birthday to Shern. Shu-Yin I love how you decorate the cake for you boy. This cake looks great with a touch of love from mummy. From how you decorated the cake, you truly is a very artistic person.

tanshuyin said...

quay po...
Thanks for the compliments. I love creating, but im not that good yet. So far Ive only created cards n layouts and objects. I havent start decorating cakes yet (fondants, etc). Ive got a lot to learn still!