Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watching Our E-Session Video Again

I was watching our E-Session Video again, and was falling in love with it all over again! This video was taken in 2007 when we won the Photo and Video Lifestyle Session Contest by Ke Wynn from Whizarts & Kee from Weddingstory.

Although more than 3 years ago I could still remember how stiff we were, how unnatural we were when stood in front of a photographer & a videographer.
But it was really their professionalism that the photos and video turned out great. Great enough for us, that is!

For the e-session photos, for those interested, you can view them here.

For the video, I've embedded it here.

This video was taken in 2007 at Penang Botanical Gardens

I was still the giggly-schoolgirl then. So happy being engaged.
3 years down the road, I'm just an ordinary fat homemaker. Gah!

But I'm still so happy every time I finish watching this video. I'm sure Kee produces more canggih videos nowadays. This video is like ancient technology. Haha.

But because this video has the still-slim me and still-slim hubby being crazily in love, it is priceless to me! ;)

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