Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hating my Supplements

Dr. Eric gave me 3 types of supplement capsules.

1st of all is the huge gigantic Calcium pill called Calcium Plus Bio-Enhanced by Abbott. My god, it is so big that if I accidentally swallowed it horizontally, I could actually feel the movement of the pill slowly in my throat all the way to my stomach. It's a nasty feeling.

Next is the Fish Oil capsule called NeuroGainPB. It is supposed to come packed with concentrated fish oil with all the good nutrients such as DHA, EPA, AA, OA, etc.

Lastly is the smelly capsule called Sangobian Capsule by Merck. It is supposed to be consists of folic acid, iron, etc. This pill makes me slightly constipated and causes me to have black stool. And when i burp, the smell of this capsule is yucky!!!

I am supposed to continue with all these capsules throughout my pregnancy...sigh!!!

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