Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ME - Post Pregnancy - after 2 weeks

This is a picture of the stressed and sleep-deprived mummy.
I have gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight of ~48kg before my 1st trimester nausea kicked in.

22 June 2009

Breastfeeding really makes you lose those weight fast. Not having enough sleep also plays a big role in helping me lose those pounds.

But my stomach is not as toned as last time anymore. I have that jelly-belly stomach now.
They call it mummy-tummy. Boo hoo.....


  1. Aaahh.. I still have the mummy flabby tummy till now!!! *bawls*

  2. I heard a few of my colleagues said that breasfeeding really can help to reduce weight fast...Not enough sleep also one of the main reason but don't because lack of sleep make you looks like old aunty ya...When can I pay you a visit? Still yet to have chance to see you and Yiu-Shern face to face ....

  3. Yup. I heard from a friend that you can burn around 500 calories from breastfeeding. :O

    I wonder how those moms with firm bellies do it though...Hmm... :)

  4. Emily...up til now still got? aiyah..cham dee la me!
    did u urut?
    i dont plan to urut dee! really very bz...coz b/feed yiu-shern 2 hourly.
    when im ready i let u know ok? u can come together with seow wei also. she also asking me when she can come visit! :)

    munyi....i think b/feeding helps too...bcoz it is really exhausting!

  5. Huwa! You really loosing the weight fast!

    Still yet to meet Yiu-Shern ler. Gotta make time this week.

  6. huey...slowly la. no hurry.
    me now also not seeing any visitors except for relatives. so luckily u r my cousin. hehe.

  7. Haha. Tiring right, need to take care of the new born and need to rest and need to see people...

  8. wow tats fast, u that's barely a month and u r back to ur weight. good work!

  9. Huey...yalor. Tired lor. Yiu-Shern still have jaundice now. So still stressed.

    Nat...moiyin? Anyway, thanks! ;)

  10. Ar stil have jaundice now? but as long as the jaundice did not rise to 200 it should be fine.

  11. is above 200.
    but dr said is OK..coz mine is called 'breastfeeding jaundice' wor - which means usually bb who is being breastfed exclusively will have this.