Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 weeks 1 day old

Time to visit Dr. Eric again. This time the ultrasound shows that Little Angel is 10 weeks. Dr. Eric now uses the normal ultrasound where the mouse-like thingy is placed on my belly (no more vaginal probe).

I always feel at ease after my gynae visit. Don't know why. Maybe it's because of the reassurance I get after having a chance to peek into Little Angel's world.

After all, my stomach is still so small and I can't feel that I am pregnant at all. Oh ya. I lost another kg. From 47kg, i now only weigh 44kg.

However, Dr. Eric says this is normal as I have nausea. He advised me not to eat things that are too sour (laksa, pineapple, tomyam) for the 1st trimester and also no bak kut teh and other herbs food for the meanwhile.

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