About Us

Who is 'Us'?
It used to be just I and me. Until I met hubby in 2001 when we became a couple.
After many, many years together, we got married in 2006 and in 2009, our son Shern was born. And 3 years later, Khye was born with Vern joining the family 3 years later in 2015.
So now 'us' means the five of us Hubby, me, Shern, Khye & Vern. :)

Hubby is the rational mind in the family. He thinks with his brains, while the wife thinks with her heart. He is the walking calculator when we go shopping. Hubby is the one bringing home the bucks. He has to earn big bucks to support his wife's baking, scrapbooking, travels, and many other obsessions.

I am a wife, a mum, and the maid of the house. Besides that, I am also the one who chases after Shern and Khye and cleaning Vern's poo. Besides baking and scrapbooking, I also love reading, blogging, and sleeping. I was my son's cow for 1 1/2 years before I took back ownership of my boobs. And not long after that, Khye took ownership of my boobs 'til he was 3+yo. And now it is baby Vern's turn.
I guess now you know I am pro-breastfeeding.
Saying that, I am lucky though that I have the privilege to stay at home to take care of the 3+1 boys in my family.

Shern is an active 7+yo. He runs more than he walks. He is as chocolate-y as his mum and is obsessed with trains, but is currently into Titanic and Airbus 380 as well. I think he loves his transports more than his mummy. Oh, and he is very into Pokemon now too!
He inherits some OCD-ness from me but yet is quite a messy boy. Strange but true.
He is VERY picky in his food and I am having headache when he comes to mealtimes. He is a little ang moh boy who hates rice (except if it is tau ewe bak or fried rice) and loves western dishes such as pasta, pizzas etc.

My bubblyKhye is now almost 5yo.  His current loves are colouring books, activity books, and anything related to ABCs and 123s. You can say that I am blessed with a happy little nerdy boy. He just loves learning and has so much joy learning new stuff that all his teachers dubbed him as their "Tokoh Murid" (Model Student).
This boy on the other hand eats almost everything, with the exception of sour food.
He asks for food the whole time of his waking hours, and that explains why is is chubbier than his elder bro.
It is such an irony that I am complaining given that he refused to eat until he was way after 1yo.
And this little fella loves to sing.

My toddler Vern is now 20 months old, making him the littlest in our family. This little fella is the cili padi in our family. He has a fierce temper and can scream and shout for hours.....poor us.
I think Terrible Two came way too early!

Ok, this sums up my family of five.
I think our family is quite complete for now! :)

***updated on March 2017