Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lou Sang @ Shu-Yin's place

I organized a Lou Sang session on the 31st Jan 2009 in my apartment.

Shu-Yin's modified Yee Sang

Lou Sang literally means "mixed or tossed raw". The word sang is a very much an auspicious word during the New Year because it means 'alive' and thus, raw fish (usually salmon) are usually used in the dish. The other ingredients are mostly vegetables that are finely cut, and crackers or crisps to give the crunch. It is really a Chinese style salad.

To attack a Lou Sang, everybody gathers around the dish with a pair of chopsticks in hand and then dig into the salad and toss it up high. The higher you toss, the higher your good luck for the year will be.

l to r: Karen, Pat, Phaik Lin, Peng, Gnoh, Ee lyn, Soo Huey, Mei Ying, Bee Shin, me

Mum helped me to prepare some sausage bacon as snacks. This snack is high in salt, high in sugar and high in fat. Haha. But the review? Super tasty.

Sausage bacon snack

Take some bacon and roll them onto the cocktail sausages. Then sprinkle some brown sugar on top and then put it into the oven. Ta da.....it's done!

I'd also prepared some canned longan juice as dessert.

Canned Longan dessert

l to r: Gnoh, Peng, Ee Lyn, Peen, Mei Ying, Soo Huey, Karen, Pat, Bee Shin, me

I hope everyone had a good time at my place although it was just a brief gathering :)


Maya said...

aiyoo...u spelt my PHAIK wrongly. Mine is special no H geh... :P

Maya = Paik Lin :)

Tan Shu-Yin said...

oopsss...PAIK issit? okok. i will go edit! ;D